My first 2 months with It Works! – The truth

I decided to become an It Works! distributor towards the end of June, and have actually enjoyed it very much. I want you to know that I’m not saying that just because  I want you to order from or join my team (but I mean if you’re interested I would love to help you out or give you more information!), I’m saying that because I truly have. I’ve formed some really great relationships through this company in the short time that I’ve been apart of it and while my paychecks haven’t been huge, they’ve gotten bigger the longer I stick with it and the more work I put in!

I was incredibly nervous when I started out my It Works! business because I had a lot of negativity in my ear. People telling me “Watch out, that business is a scam!”, “They charge people’s cards without their consent!”, “It’s such a pyramid scheme”, “I did it for a month and it didn’t work” or “It didn’t work for my friend, so it doesn’t work.”. I decided to put the negativity aside and give my business a real shot, I put the money into it so I might as well put in the effort and see what it can do for me. Right? I mean you can’t do something for a week and expect to see results, and their card didn’t get charged without their consent; they didn’t read what they signed. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that this business and these products will work for you as long as you put in the time & the work required. You can’t just use one wrap or publish one post on Facebook and get where you want to be, everything takes time and consistency!

A huge amount of people also think that these products are to make you lose the weight on their own and that’s not the case at all. It Works! isn’t here to replace your workout or a healthy life style, we’re simply here to enhance it! These products are created to be used along with your healthy lifestyle and to enhance the results from all your hard work and they really do, I’ve seen it and lived it!!

I’m so so happy that I decided to stick with the company because it’s an amazing feeling helping your clients and hearing how excited they are when a product starts working for them! It’s what makes this business so easy; all I’m doing is sharing mine & my friends/clients results and that speaks for itself. Which is should honestly, these products are all natural and awwwesome!

I know some of you won’t have the same opinion as I do and that’s completely fine, but for those of you that are interested and want to hear more about either selling the products yourself or have always been interested in trying them out please contact me, I would absolutely love to chat!! You can reach me through my email, or at my website,!



Relationships are hard…

The one thing I think everyone (including myself) has yet to learn is that relationships are hard. I’ve had a pretty rough last few days with my SO, and I have to tell you that it takes a lot out of me. My philosophy has always been that you can’t let them see how much the situation is really bothering you, even if it is a lot; and I know that’s terrible advice but if I don’t act invincible then is he really going to take me seriously?

I guess I’m still learning is that if I don’t tell him how I’m feeling there’s no way for him to know; he’s not a mind reader & neither am I. However what I’m struggling with is the part where I actually tell him how I’m feeling, and let’s be honest sometimes he doesn’t want to hear it so I don’t get to; and that’s what’s so hard for me. When he just shuts me down why would I want to continue to try to explain how he’s making me feel? I’m terrible at hiding my feelings… so when I don’t get to share what I feel it slowly eats me alive.

I mean, I like to believe that I’m tough and nobody can hurt me but realistically I wear my heart on my sleeve and it be a blessing or a curse, depending on the situation I’m in. I guess I just have to figure out when it’s time to cage my heart and when it’s time to use it. Balance, communication and trust are key to make this all work out for me, and it looks like I’ve got two out of three down. That’s good though, right?

A little Tuesday inspo✨

I got a phone call from someone very close to me asking for relationship advice today (hint; it was my mom). It’s always a funny thing when your parents come to you for advice, but it’s a good feeling just the same. Now, just for the record, my mom and I don’t have the best luck with relationships; we always seem to strike out. The funny thing though is that right now we’re both actually in a good place with some good people (finally, right?!) and of course we still have our troubles and doubts which is why we girls have got to lean on each other for time to time (if you couldn’t tell my mom and I are very close). Anyways, it’s so reassuring to see that my mom still has the same trouble/thoughts/feelings that I do! & it’s so great to be able to help her and give her the same advice and wisdom she’s been giving me for so long!

If you’re having issues with the person you love and have to spend every day & night with, the 100% best thing you can do to solve your issues or your anxiety is to talk to that person about what your feeling. Sure, you may think whatever you’re so afraid of in that moment is totally stupid and not relevant but that doesn’t mean a damn thing. You’ve got to open your heart to that person and be honest, trust me communication is one of the many things you’ll probably never get right in a relationship but that’s exactly why you can’t ever stop doing it and why you can’t ever hide what you’re feeling or put your thoughts aside to spare the other. If the person you’re with can’t take the time to make you feel loved and validated in your fears/thought/emotions, then you’re 100% wasting your time. Your partner is your partner for a reason, and that’s more than likely because you love them and can’t imagine your life without them. So remember all of this, because I forget it every time I need it the most.