happiness is 🔑

Whoa, I just realized recently how long it’s been since I’ve written here or given you guys any kind of update! A lot of things have changed in my life this year, and I mean a lot. They have all been an incredibly positive changes though, thank goodness!

Anyways, I think the last thing I was updating you guys on was my fitness journey, and I’m very happy to announce that I HAVE KICKED ASS 😉 So, I started this trek on January 2nd, weighing 182 pounds (I’m so not proud of that) and as of today, April 17th, I weigh in at a whopping 164 pounds!!!!! That’s a whole 18 pounds people, and that means there’s only 9 pounds until I reach my goal weight! *mind blown* I didn’t think it was something I would ever accomplish, but once I got rid of everything in my life that was making me unhappy the weight has been literally melting off.


On top of losing all this weight (right before summer I might add), I’ve got a new place with one of my best friends and we’re having a blast together, I have so many trips planned for this year(!), I’ve got an amazing man who shows me my worth 100 times over every single day, and I started going to school again (I mean sometimes I regret that one but it’s positive too, right?)!

I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned in the short 4 months we’ve been in this year is that if you don’t like it, DROP IT. Believe me, I know its a million times easier said than done, and it’s scary as hell but the outcome is absolutely worth it. It’s like taking a 100lb weight off your shoulders and being able to breathe again. If you’re not happy, CHANGE IT… your happiness comes from within yourself, not anything or anyone else!

Hello December💖

I can’t believe it’s already December, where did this year go? I think I blinked back in January and here we are! Thanksgiving blew by, Christmas is now only a few weeks away with New Years not far behind. For me December is by far the best month of the whole year (besides August because that’s my birth month of course). All the Christmas trees & lights go up, all the families come together to celebrate and the rain comes to top it all off; I just love it all so much! Also, this is the first year I’ve actually lived in the middle of town and get to enjoy all the decorations everyone will be putting up this week💖


Not to mention the fact that I have way more clothes for winter weather than I do for summer weather (it’s a million times easier to warm up than it is to cool down). Especially scarves, I honestly have more than I know what to do with! But I always see them in stores and can’t resist the colors / patterns I find. They’re definitely my winter weakness, along with boots & booties!! Layering up in the winter has to be the happiest thing in the world to me; you can’t cuddle up by the Xmas tree w/ hot cocoa, cuddles & movies in the summer time! I mean, you probably could but you know what I mean.

Anyways, 2016 was easily the best year I’ve had since I was little. I was blessed with the best man I’ve ever been with, we were able to move out on our own & I finally got out of the job that was making me miserable for so long and moved up to something 100x better. This year was truly great for me, and my life improved 100%; I went from a nervous anxious wreck to an actual human being living with her SO and working an actual 8-5 job! Amazing things can happen in only a year, so don’t ever give up!

Can I get an “Oh, cute!”?

Hello, my name is Shelby and I’m addicted to shopping. Yes, clothes, bags, shoes, make-up… you name it; I probably spend all weekend shopping for it. I could literally walk into just about any retail store or log onto one for that matter and find at least one thing that I have to have, and my bank account really hates me for it. I mean a day or two later when it’s time to grocery shop or pay bills of course I hate myself for it but come on, a girl can never have to much of anything right? However my bf seems to disagree. Any time I buy or order anything new it’s always “babe, don’t you have enough shoes?” and the answer is always “NEVER”.  How could a girl ever have too many shoes, scarves or make-up brushes? There are so many new outfit choices and looks to create, that’s what we LIVE for! The worst thing ever though is when you order a super cute sports bra and it doesn’t even fit you (here come the tears). Personally I think online shopping is way more fun; but the order not fitting is a huge factor and lets face it, it’s happened to us more times than we’d like to admit. But really, who can deny the excitement you get when you buy something on sale or the top you ordered last week is finally waiting for you on your doorstep??

Fall Fanatic💖


This is literally the best time of the year you guys, and it’s only just begun! I get so excited when it comes to the cold weather, chunky sweaters, adorable boots and especially decorating my house! OMG, my soul doesn’t come alive until fall basically (well my birthday of course *wink, wink*). I mean who doesn’t love the holidays?! My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy, people think I’m obsessed… which, hello? I am. My house was already decorated on October first people, I LIVE FOR THIS. Fall time, is my favorite time; and then Christmas after that. Even though it’s cold, it’s probably the warmest time of the year✨

Hello again~

So it’s been a little over a year since I last posted anything and I have to say, to all or any of you that actually read my posts, things definitely get better. Now I knew that back then but when you’re living the hell it’s a little harder to believe. Anyways since then I’ve gotten out of a terrible job and a terrible relation ship and completely started somewhere new with someone new and even in our own apartment (eek)! Now don’t get me wrong, we have our problems, but I don’t for a second doubt any part of him (which come on, is completely new for me & very hard to find).

The moral of the story is that everything comes to an end; bad jobs, bad relationships (thank god), even good things unfortunately. Which is why you have to embrace everything, and always remember to never doubt yourself or your life because, there’s always SOMEONE to help you even if it’s YOU! So straighten your crown, smile and remember that you’re the queen of your own life and if you don’t take control of it you better bet nobody else is going to.