I started this blog to share my experiences and thoughts on life events of all kind through the eyes of a 20 year old female trying to figure life out one day at a time (cliche, right?), and now I’m also going to make it like my fitness journal. I’ll post new tips/tricks that work for me and updates on my progress! I think so many of us write these blogs to find people in this world who are going through the same things we are and who can relate to what we’re feeling. So I do hope that you all can relate to my personal life experiences, happy or sad, and that you don’t hesitate to give me your advice or opinion!

My goal here is to establish relationships with people who can help me grow and possibly open my eyes to things I haven’t considered before. I hope you can relate to my openness and maybe consider things from a new point of view. I like to publish all of my posts mid-mayhem, (hopefully) creating a more genuine and relate able feel. I’d love to hear what you have to say about my blog, any ideas that you have or even anything you think I should write about / want my opinion on! Head over to my “Contact me” page and lets have a chat… enjoy!

~ XOXO, Shelby D.