Today’s the day, week one

Today’s the day that I get really serious about this whole losing weight thing; and to be honest my concern isn’t so much about losing a bunch of weight (although wouldn’t it be nice?) as much as getting off my butt and feeling good about myself. I’ve always struggled with eating things I shouldn’t, feeling gross and down on myself all the time and wanting to get up and be active but not having the motivation to do it every day. It’s going to be different this time though, this time I’ve enlisted my boyfriend as my personal counselor; he’ll be helping make sure that I don’t eat any fast food / too many sweets each day and also in charge of making sure I get in at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Now I realize that there’s only so much he can do and the rest is on me which is why my plan is to go to the gym everyday for at least 30 minutes after work (I mean I work right down the street from it…) or workout at home with him and also to start eating healthier everyday… RESIST THE COOKIES SHELBY.

All I keep thinking about right now is the fact that I want to feel good about myself this summer and not embarrassed about the way that I look, and also the fact that I’m in my sisters wedding next spring and need to look AMAZING in my bridesmaids dress because there’s going to be sooooo many pictures and do I really want to look at myself and think “Ewe”?? I’ve tried this many times before and unfortunately I’ve never been able to stick with it because I lose my motivation. I’ve never cared about what people think of me so I think I’ve let myself go a little bit more than I ever wanted, not that I’m even close to overweight but it’s the fact that I feel so bad about myself lately. SO, today’s the day that I start getting really serious about this, they say it only take four weeks before you start noticing changes in yourself and eight before other people start noticing as well. We’ll see how long I can keep this up!

P.s. I’ll be giving weekly updates and would love to hear any neat weight loss tips & tricks you guys might have for me to try.


7 thoughts on “Today’s the day, week one

  1. Wishing you good luck! I’ll be exactly the same come january, when the thought of summer time ( or what pretends to be summer in the UK ) scares me into diet and exercise. But you know what? it’s hard! don’t deny yourself all the good things, try and eat in moderation, allowing yourself a few ‘bad’ things means you wont crave them and binge. Be honest with your body and your expectations.

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  2. Hey, good luck!! I’ve been on a weight loss/get healthy journey for a while, if you need any tips or some extra accountability hit me up!

    Do you plan on counting calories? For me, that has been absolutely key.

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      1. It can be a pain at first, but it eventually becomes habit and now it’s just second nature. I personally use MyFitnessPal, which also has a huge community so you can add new friends and help keep each other in check!

        The big reason I really like counting calories is that once I set my daily calorie limit, I eat anything I want! However, that does come with the responsibility of eating good, nourishing food so that you don’t feel like you’re starving an hour later. It also helps me snack responsibly since I know what I can and can’t fit into my calories. It takes practice and some discipline, but you’ll get it for sure!

        PS. Despite what you read on the internet, 1200 calories a day IS TOO LITTLE!! Just going to put that out there now!


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