Can I get an “Oh, cute!”?

Hello, my name is Shelby and I’m addicted to shopping. Yes, clothes, bags, shoes, make-up… you name it; I probably spend all weekend shopping for it. I could literally walk into just about any retail store or log onto one for that matter and find at least one thing that I have to have, and my bank account really hates me for it. I mean a day or two later when it’s time to grocery shop or pay bills of course I hate myself for it but come on, a girl can never have to much of anything right? However my bf seems to disagree. Any time I buy or order anything new it’s always “babe, don’t you have enough shoes?” and the answer is always “NEVER”.  How could a girl ever have too many shoes, scarves or make-up brushes? There are so many new outfit choices and looks to create, that’s what we LIVE for! The worst thing ever though is when you order a super cute sports bra and it doesn’t even fit you (here come the tears). Personally I think online shopping is way more fun; but the order not fitting is a huge factor and lets face it, it’s happened to us more times than we’d like to admit. But really, who can deny the excitement you get when you buy something on sale or the top you ordered last week is finally waiting for you on your doorstep??


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