Working hard, or hardly working?

Is it just me or is it really hard to stay in the groove at work sometimes? I mean, there’s only so much you can do to keep yourself busy (especially when you’ve already watered the plants & dusted 100 times). We love our jobs and we love our bosses, but sometimes it’d be heaven if they could take things from our point of view also. Now, of course being on our phones or Facebook / Pinterest / yahoo all day is unacceptable (come on, we’re all guilty here) but realistically you can only file what there is to be filed & clean / organize things so many times. Bosses are always incredibly busy, their the head honcho and they get to make all the calls but us receptionists are not quite as lucky; we don’t always have a project to get lost in and there’s not always a customer in need of our service so we’ve got to entertain ourselves somehow, right? My personal favorite is keeping up on political / beauty DIY articles (on yahoo) or my new found love; playing Sudoku. Super lame, I know, but it turns out its really fun and makes the day go by just a little bit faster. I guess pretending to be busy whenever they walk by is a solid way to go, because really, you can’t honestly stay 100% busy for an entire 8 hour shift..


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