A little Tuesday inspo✨

I got a phone call from someone very close to me asking for relationship advice today (hint; it was my mom). It’s always a funny thing when your parents come to you for advice, but it’s a good feeling just the same. Now, just for the record, my mom and I don’t have the best luck with relationships; we always seem to strike out. The funny thing though is that right now we’re both actually in a good place with some good people (finally, right?!) and of course we still have our troubles and doubts which is why we girls have got to lean on each other for time to time (if you couldn’t tell my mom and I are very close). Anyways, it’s so reassuring to see that my mom still has the same trouble/thoughts/feelings that I do! & it’s so great to be able to help her and give her the same advice and wisdom she’s been giving me for so long!

If you’re having issues with the person you love and have to spend every day & night with, the 100% best thing you can do to solve your issues or your anxiety is to talk to that person about what your feeling. Sure, you may think whatever you’re so afraid of in that moment is totally stupid and not relevant but that doesn’t mean a damn thing. You’ve got to open your heart to that person and be honest, trust me communication is one of the many things you’ll probably never get right in a relationship but that’s exactly why you can’t ever stop doing it and why you can’t ever hide what you’re feeling or put your thoughts aside to spare the other. If the person you’re with can’t take the time to make you feel loved and validated in your fears/thought/emotions, then you’re 100% wasting your time. Your partner is your partner for a reason, and that’s more than likely because you love them and can’t imagine your life without them. So remember all of this, because I forget it every time I need it the most.


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