A little social anxiety anyone?

Have you ever been talking to a family member, friend, or even someone you just met and said something you instantly regret? Don’t even try to deny it, everyone has! Believe me, being an anxious person will make that situation 10x worse, because once you’ve stopped your embarrassing word vomit your brain kicks in like “Oh, man… you shouldn’t have said that. They’re never going to forget it” when realistically they probably already have. Not to mention when you say something that gets you “the look”, or when they flat out tell you “you don’t ever discuss that with anyone” and instantly see you a little bit differently. Like, f**k… I messed up man. Now I’m going to go home and think about it non stop until I forget about it (only for something to bring up the memory again later and you get to think about it all over again). So really all you can do is wait until you see them again and hope that they’ve forgotten or don’t care and hopefully they’ll talk to you, or just avoid them totally; I mean that seems to work pretty well too!


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