don’t worry, be happy


I think everyone suffers from anxiety or depression in a sense, some more than others, but everyone. Some don’t want to admit it, but I think my problem is that I might acknowledge it too much. Everyone has good days of course, but there are bad ones just as well and sometimes I feel like my bad days are beginning to out-do the good… which is where things get frustrating. I have no reason to be sad, or angry, or not want to physically do anything yet that’s exactly what’s happening. Its funny because i’m learning that 90% of the time my sadness is coming from my own “distorted thoughts” which basically means you talk yourself into believing things that aren’t true. Like tricking yourself into believing someone doesn’t care for you when in fact they really do is a prime example. So what i’m saying is, whether you admit it or not, being depressed or having anxiety (or both) can make you miserable. You have to make light of every situation and find the best in everyone, otherwise you’ll never be happy, except for the day maybe two if you’re lucky that your symptoms go away… and who wants to live a life like that?


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